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Pursuing a Lifelong Passion


I've been doing this professionally since 2003, but I really got my start in the late 80's when I got FAZZ and a my first Caboodle for Christmas. If you haven't heard of those, look it up, they are back in style!

In 1990, I earned the title of the Hair Spray Queen award from the Tanterra Swim Team coaches. So, basically, I had every bang perfectly sprayed into place in preparation for a day of "swimming" at the pool.


On our annual family beach trips to Bethany Beach, DE, all the kids hit the sand while I set up a spa for all the adults to enjoy homemade face masks, nail treatments and beauty services. And working all day made my vacation complete, seriously, it did! 

I made this lifelong passion of mine official in 2005 when I moved to NYC to attend the journeyman program at the Makeup Designory. There I studied character, film and tv makeup, and hair styling. 

From there, I went on to work for several leading cosmetic lines, national news stations, production teams and hundreds of brides. 

I also LOVE to pass my knowledge along to clients, friends and family through lessons and tutorial videos. See some examples below!

In 2014, I launched my own private label luxury product line after years of requests from clients to buy the products I used on them. The line is meant to simplify every day makeup routines and help clients to create long-lasting durable looks. You can check out my products in the SHOP section of my site.

Thanks for dropping by my site and learning more about me! I hope to work with you soon!

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